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      Escape On A Yacht With A Helipad

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      It seems almost unreal, that a yacht with a helipad is actually a fairly common element in luxury yachting today. Step into any boat show where the yachts are over 150’ (45m), and just look up. These floating works of art are topped with the ultimate cherry – a helicopter.

      yacht with a helipad
      yacht with a helipad

      Your Own Yacht Helicopter Escort

      There are no limits when it comes to offering the highest level of service to guests. Getting picked up by a helicopter to escort them to the yacht is an experience in itself, and gives guests a peek into what’s in store for the duration of the their time on board.

      Secrecy. Secure. Style.

      No longer do you or your guests have to wait for a tender to board, as a yacht with a helipad can make that happen faster, and with more privacy and security. The ease of joining your yacht in mid-ocean saves time, and offers a more efficient way to enjoy more time on the water with friends and family.

      yacht with a helipad
      yacht with a helipad

      Explore Uncharted Territory

      The convenience of owning a yacht with a helipad can not only increase your time on board, it offers a way to explore uncharted territory. Hop on board, and fly to places where your yacht can’t take you because of draft limitations. Expand your experiences beyond the water via the hottest toy to hit the deck, so to speak.

      Pushing The Boundaries Of Yacht Design

      No space for a helipad? Yacht builders and naval architects have creative ways of making that happen. A yacht with a pool can have the capacity for it to double as a helipad by building a movable floor that drains water and raises when it’s time to land. Seems incredible, because it is.

      yacht with a helipad
      yacht with a helipad

      Multipurpose Mega Yacht Design

      A yacht with a helipad typically features a large deck space cleared for such a purpose. At night, that deck can serve as a dance floor, and during the day, perhaps an open air yoga studio. There is no lack of creativity for open deck spaces, as imagined on some of the top award-winning mega yachts.

      Luxury Yacht Intelligence

      As incredible as it sounds, a helicopter can land on a yacht even as it’s underway. It’s a sight to see, and an even more amazing thing to experience firsthand. It’s not as hard as you think. Simply talk to a yacht broker at Merle Wood & Associates who will guide you to owning that yacht with a helipad that you’ve been searching for.

      yacht with a helipad

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