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      What Is A Yacht Charter? It’s The Best Vacation

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      What is a yacht charter? Think of it as the best luxury vacation you will ever have, from the moment the crew welcomes you on board, as your travel-weary feet find the silky, sun-warmed teak of the deck, to the sea breeze lightly whisking along your arms and legs. Think of it as reconnecting with your family. Sure, there are friends along too, but they’re as good as family, as you all raise cool glasses in celebration of the start of something wonderful.

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      Your Own Private Charter Yacht

      Think of your private yacht charter as a good decision that keeps reminding you how smart you were to have thought of it. You’ll hear yourself saying things like, “The kids are having such fun on the beach, let’s stay and have the crew bring out a picnic with a cookout.” And, “The views are just perfect, let’s stay here another day…” And even, “Yes, your parents are having as much fun as the kids on this trip, and the best part is we’re all together!”

      Ultimate. Effortless. Magical.

      Charter a luxury yacht and good things start to happen. What is a yacht charter but the ultimate, effortless, vacation experience? For one thing, your travel will be as smooth as a hull slipping through the water. Simply arrive and allow the crew to unpack for you, because you won’t see your luggage again until it’s time to go home. And in that time, prepare to lose sight of your preconceptions and be transported both physically and mentally in ways that will change your outlook.

      why charter a yacht
      what is a yacht charter

      Escape To A Crewed Yacht Charter

      If your friend asks you, “What is a crewed yacht charter?” You can honestly tell them it’s that week you spent that changed your whole perspective on world travel—that week where you truly escaped and got reacquainted with your companions on a new level. It was that week that you changed your life by reading that perfect novel in the ideal setting, or tried standup paddleboard yoga for the first time, or slept like you hadn’t in years, rocked by the gentle movements of the hull. It was that week you rediscovered your forgotten young love, the sea.

      Luxury Yacht Toys and Michelin Chefs

      Some very inventive people have participated in the design and construction of the vessels used for charter, and chances are there’s a private yacht charter that offers the combination of amenities and features you’re after, whether it’s a huge inflatable yacht slide from the bridge deck into the water, or sea kayaks, or a Michelin chef with a star or two to her name.

      why charter a yacht
      why charter a yacht

      Experienced Charter Yacht Brokers

      By talking with the charter yacht brokers at Merle Wood & Associates and sharing your priorities about how you like to eat and where you like to travel, what you like to do with family, and how each of you like to spend time individually, they will show you how to charter a yacht that is the right choice for you, from the cruising range to the crew experience and beyond. What is a yacht charter but an opportunity to put yourself and your expectations in the hands of the Merle Wood & Associates charter team, and the crew and yacht they suggest? All you have to do is let the experience happen. And maybe send a few postcards.

      How To Charter A Yacht

      Now that you’re one step closer to warm sun-drenched days and have the question of “What is a yacht charter?” out of the way, you’ll want to steer your attention to learning how to charter a yacht and how to charter a yacht for big events like the Monaco Grand Prix or the Cannes Film Festival. Discovering the sweet taste of the luxury yachting lifestyle, while working with any of the qualified charter yacht brokers at Merle Wood & Associates, will provide you the ultimate yacht charter vacation.  Many of our yacht charter brokers are former captains and crew themselves. Because of this, they have access to the best mega yachts, some of which are not publicly for charter – creating a yacht charter experience uniquely tailored to exceed your every expectation.

      why charter a yacht

      Speak To A Yacht Charter Broker

      For more information about luxury charter yachts or for expert knowledge from a qualified yacht charter broker, simply contact the luxury yacht brokerage firm of Merle Wood & Associates for assistance.

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