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      Learn How To Charter A Yacht

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      Know how to charter a yacht? The very first thing you should figure out is if you want to charter a crewed yacht or go it alone. Before you decide, consider that even the most accomplished yachtsmen in the world could have a wonderful time on a crewed charter. That’s because there is something to be said for vacation being a time when you hand over the reins to someone else and just focus on the people with which you’re spending time. The idea is that, with a crewed yacht charter, you need not design the cruising itinerary and calculate the time at sea and fuel consumption, nor do you have to concern yourself with the provisioning and menu plan. Not only that, but once underway, you need not worry about keeping everyone happy. No more interruptions of your morning swim because the kids need help with the tender. The crew is on hand to take care of everything.

      how to charter a yacht
      how to charter a yacht

      The Right Charter Yacht For You

      If you already know how to charter a luxury yacht, you understand what information is important to share with the charter team at Merle Wood & Associates, who will bring their substantial experience to bear in helping you find the right charter for your needs.

      Charter Yacht Relationships

      Whether your focus is finding the best spots for kite-surfing, or the best luxury shopping, or the best dive spots, or the finest wine cellar, the Merle Wood & Associates charter brokers have the personal relationships throughout the worldwide charter fleet to find the crews with the local knowledge to suit your specific requirements and requests.

      how to charter a yacht
      How To Charter A Yacht

      Available Yachts For Charter

      Local knowledge is the key. All you really need to know about how to charter a yacht in Greece, St Barts or Fiji, is what you yourself are interested in doing. Merely tell your contact at Merle Wood & Associates about what you hope to get out of your adventures and they will match you with a private charter yacht and her crew who can fulfill your wishes.

      Bespoke Private Charter Itineraries

      Whether you wish to retrace the steps of Odysseus from Homer’s epic, sample Europe’s hottest summer nightlife, or simply find the most authentic taverna with the freshest grilled fish, the charter brokers use their contacts to find the right team to steer you to the best of antiquities, absinthe, or oregano and fresh lemon juice.

      how to charter a yacht
      how to charter a yacht

      You’re In Control Of Your Yacht Charter

      Likewise, the experts at Merle Wood & Associates know just how to charter a yacht in the Caribbean in the same way. The when, where, and how of enjoying your luxury yacht charter is up to you. It’s just a matter of setting the schedule and itinerary, scheduling your flights, and joining the boat with a readiness to relax and reconnect with your loved ones. The rest is up to the crew and they know their business. And the best part with private yacht charter: The better you know what you want to get out of it and can express it to the crew, the better they will be able to make the charter meet and exceed your wishes.

      Hire A Yacht Charter Broker

      If you know how to charter a yacht, you’ll know how to charter a yacht for a special family event such as an anniversary or a special birthday. Imagine having the pressure officially turned off on events like that! And you’ll know how to charter a yacht for a corporate event. Because all you will have to do is make sure the team at Merle Wood & Associates know the needs of your group, the number of people, and the type of corporate event you’re after. And you can let them do the rest. Leave it to the experts.

      How To Charter A Yacht
      how to charter a yacht

      Becoming A Yacht Charter Expert

      Chartering a yacht is the ultimate escape, with endless possibilities, and while the charter yacht brokers at Merle Wood & Associates have decades of experience negotiating rates and finding the best yachts for charter, you’ll also benefit by knowing a few things. Take a minute to learn about yacht charter etiquette or read about luxury charter yacht vacations , and you’ll soon be on your way to sharing new core memories with family and friends, for the rest of your life.

      Speak To A Yacht Charter Broker

      For more information about how to charter a yacht or for expert knowledge from a qualified yacht charter broker, simply contact the luxury yacht brokerage firm of Merle Wood & Associates for assistance.

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