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      Yacht Ownership – The Next Step

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      Is yacht ownership an idea that you have considered before? If not, think about it now. After all, you’ve been raising your game throughout your life and yacht ownership may be the logical next step. Have a look at the progression of all aspects of your life. When you buy a luxury yacht, you stop saying “no” to yourself about things that have grown important to you. Having a choice means you have the freedom to make decisions. Think of the freedom you can achieve with a yacht.

      yacht ownership
      yacht ownership merle wood and associates

      Family. Friends. Freedom.

      Freedom is a rare commodity in today’s world. When you own a yacht, your yacht goes where you want. And then, once you’re there, your yacht stays there, until you wish to leave and go somewhere else. Think of yacht ownership as elevating one more aspect of your life to the plane you have attained in other parts, or maybe even a bit beyond that. A yacht gives you options, whether you want to be surrounded by family, invite only one other couple or your special friends along for an extended weekend, or hold a huge party on board in honor of some achievement or milestone.

      Where You Want To Be

      And, where do you want to be? That’s the best part: You can wake up in some secluded cove, or you can be right in the middle of some of the world’s great urban centers. It’s all up to you. Don’t be surprised if the yacht becomes your “happy place” both in the physical world and in your mind. This may be the greatest knowledge out there, one shared among the people who buy luxury yachts. And now you’ll find yourself among them, and it’ll be like you were here all along.

      yacht ownership
      yacht ownership

      Yacht Ownership Lifestyle

      And now you’ve joined the club that is yacht ownership. There’s something to be said for meeting people on an equal playing field, when a handshake and a look in the eye carry with them a knowing glint and the warmth of shared experience. Yacht ownership is just like other parts of your life that way. Only it’s far better, since you will find yourself running into the people you want to see around the world, at places you want to be—and where they want to be as well. Whether it’s a world-class event like the Monaco Grand Prix or in St. Barth’s for New Year’s Eve, Down East Maine in summer or in Hobe Sound for the weekend, the people you see there add something substantial to the conversation, and understand why you do, too.

      Yacht Brokerage Specialists

      Merle Wood & Associates knows people. And they know all the ins and outs of yacht ownership. So whether you want to take the plunge and buy a luxury yacht, or even build your own mega yacht, they understand your needs, anticipate your questions, pay attention to the details, and know the people to help you along. Freedom has other connotations these days, and much of it comes from inside you. Being free from doubt and concern in your decision-making process is a true luxury, and you know as well as anyone: That comes from a level of trust. Trust in yourself, that you’re making the right decisions, and trust that you’ve got the right people in the right places.

      yacht ownership merle wood & associates
      yacht ownership

      It’s Time For Yacht Ownership

      And it all comes down to those decisions. In today’s world, the flow of information is fast and unrelenting. While those who make the right decisions see the benefits of choice, others may find it a little paralyzing. But you figured out long ago that the better path is the one that gives you more options, more freedom to choose. When you decide to buy a luxury yacht and set out on that path, it begins. Welcome to yacht ownership.

      Thinking about yacht ownership is the first step towards unparalleled freedom. To get there, its only natural to ask “why buy a yacht and “how to buy a yacht“.

      Speak To A Yacht Broker

      For more information about luxury yacht ownership or for expert knowledge from a qualified yacht broker, simply contact the luxury yacht brokerage firm of Merle Wood & Associates for assistance.

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