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      It’s Time To Build Your Own Yacht

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      If you’re ever trying to rationalize a reason to build your own yacht, look no further than your dreams. Think of the places you’ll go. The true beauty of a yacht, sometimes forgotten in her size and her solid feel and homelike surroundings, is that she is a conveyance, a mode of transport that can bring you and your family and friends to anywhere you could wish.

      build your own yacht
      build your own yacht

      Build A Yacht For Your Lifestyle

      Imagine spending the day exploring the meandering, shadowed streets of an old world town, having lunch at a sidewalk café, and showing your children or grandchildren the frescoes of a cathedral you learned about in a college art class (was it really that long ago?), returning to the yacht at dusk for dinner on board, and then an overnight passage, where you wake to discover an island laid out before you, with no other boats around, and a selection of snorkeling gear, standup paddleboards, kayaks, and more at your disposal. Only a yacht can deliver this kind of experience.

      Yacht Building Is Your Ultimate Creation

      But, why build your own yacht? It’s a good question. When you’re ready to make your mark on both the world and your life, there are few better ways to express oneself than through the creation of something wonderful. And, with a team of professionals dedicated to making your dreams a reality, and guide you through the steps of creating something real, and substantial, and beautiful, there’s no limit to what you can accomplish. To build your own yacht is to embrace your full understanding of the yin and yang of your personality.

      build your own yacht
      build your own yacht merle wood and associates

      New Yacht Construction Specialists

      New yacht construction includes the technical specifications you lay out for performance and range, speed and hull volume, class and capability, all with the help of the yachting experts at Merle Wood & Associates who have extensive knowledge and new build experience. They have dedicated their careers to assisting their clients in creating something new and unique. Building a new luxury yacht can be a complex and costly event for someone unfamiliar with the process, which is why having a recognized global leader in megayacht construction on your team, before going to contact, ensures that the right elements are covered.

      Custom Mega Yachts

      Your custom yacht also comprises the beautiful spaces you will create and enjoy with your family and friends, replete with the welcoming social spaces that will offer unmatched vistas, embracing the sea breezes on the aft deck or from the flying bridge, gathering spots for the whole family that will provide the latest in media technology or a respite from it, as you prefer. How you want to divide your available space between stateroom and bath, closets and seating, galley and on-board gym, family and guests, it’s all up to you.

      build your own yacht
      build your own yacht

      Build or Buy A Luxury Yacht

      Of course, the creative process required to build your own yacht doesn’t happen overnight—and that’s part of the appeal, since the ultimate goal is meant to have an air of timelessness, of real creation, of getting it right. Often a candidate for a yacht-building project will instead buy a mega yacht, and this can be a simpler solution to one looking to step into a situation for the upcoming season. But similar to undertaking the effort to build your own yacht, the purchase process will be aided by dedicated professionals who will look to you for direction.

      Luxury Yacht Ownership Awaits

      Knowing one’s mind in terms of the required capabilities of the yacht and also the amenities desired will certainly help the process along and may in fact inspire you to consider building your own yacht, especially after one considers the available inventory on the market. After all, it all gets back to you and your dreams. And when you think of the places you’ll go, yacht ownership simply makes sense. The question is not, “why buy a yacht?” The question is simply when and how. So whether you wish to know how to buy a yacht, build your own yacht or buy a mega yacht, the next step awaits.

      build your own yacht

      Speak To A Yacht Broker

      To build your own yacht, you’ll want expert guidance from qualified new yacht construction specialists. Merle Wood & Associates have seen the construction (including those now in progress) of more than 60 yachts ranging from 100 feet to more than 500 feet in length. Because of this, we are globally recognized by our piers and clients as leaders in new yacht construction.

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