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      Charter A Yacht With A Flyboard

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      Charter a yacht with a flyboard. The creative minds at Zapata have pushed the boundaries of yacht toys by introducing the Flyboard. Champion Jet Skier Franky Zapata has taken the notion of personal flight, and created a cutting-edge toy that recently hit the yacht set. Yacht charters are not just about discovering uncharted islands anymore; they have become opportunities for guests to test their physical abilities, and yes, even learn to fly.

      yacht with a flybooard
      yacht with a flybooard

      Learning To Fly The Flyboard

      Now that you’ve found a yacht with a flyboard, it’s time to fly! While on charter, a trained crew member familiar with the flyboard and its capabilities will help you maneuver and stay steady, and within a few attempts, you can achieve the unachievable. The water-propelled jet deck will set you soaring, while the trainer stays in control of how high you ascend. The Flyboard is attached to a Jet Ski by a hose that changes the direction of the water flow from its engines to the Flyboard, creating power to send you (literally) flying.

      Superyachts. Super Cool. Superfly.

      Feel the rush as you soar over 30 feet in the air, controlling your movements by balancing your body with your knees and feet. After a few hours of practice on the Flyboard, you will amaze yourself with the different tricks and maneuvers you can perform, completely changing the yacht charter experience you are used to.

      yacht with a flybooard
      yacht with a flybooard

      Adventure Yacht Vacations

      A charter yacht with a Flyboard has given new meaning to the yacht water toy, offering guests an uplifting adventure never before attainable. While the classic inflatable yacht toys can offer fun, and even a good workout, the Flyboard pushes users out of their comfort zone, testing their maximum potential to rise to great heights.

      Alternative Yacht Toys

      The yacht experts at Merle Wood & Associates can help you achieve your goal to be the coolest yacht in the charter fleet. With the best toys and the most desirable yacht for charter, your charter guests will be soaring to new heights.

      yacht with a flybooard

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