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      The Waverunner Runs the Show

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      A perennial yachting favorite, the waverunner has consistently demonstrated to be one of the more thrilling crafts in water sports. Waverunners happen to be a staple aboard many yachts for charter and sale, and are often seen creating wakes around the mothership. Not just a water toy, the waverunner is a multi-purpose personal watercraft used for far more than enjoyment and play.


      The Essential Craft

      While on charter, crew are known to use the waverunner during snorkeling excursions to keep guests safe and to be close at hand, should anyone need assistance. There will typically be a crew member or two who are skilled riders, and will help guests to learn how to drive and maneuver the waverunner. Safety is key when operating any type of machinery, and the waverunner is no different.

      Proper Placement

      Most yachts for charter and sale will have a couple of waverunners on board, and some superyachts may even have as many as 10 stored in the tender/toy garage. On smaller vessels with no transom or garage storage space, the waverunners are typically seen secured to the deck where space is purposely allotted for such craft.

      wave runner

      Waverunner Restrictions

      There are some areas where waverunners are banned, due to environmental reasons. The British Virgin Islands, for example, ban them “in an effort to maintain the BVI’s pristine and peaceful environment.” Due to the many nature and wildlife preserves, certain areas around the world have also banned the use of waverunners, or at the least have restrictions on their usage. There are many other water toys that can offer similar thrills, such as the Flyboard, which has gained tremendous popularity as of late.

      Getting It Right

      To learn more about waverunner restrictions, and other important matters in yachting, contact one of the Merle Wood & Associates’ brokers and charter specialists as all have integral know-how of the industry as a whole, and in detail. Discover more through one of our yachting experts, who can simply meet all your yacht and charter needs, and help you decide on the best amenities for your vessel.


      Find A Yacht With A Waverunner

      • All
      • ABOVE 400'-200'
      • MID RANGE 200'-150'
      • UNDER 150'

      325ft / 99.1m | Canadian Vickers
      1943 | 2017
      From USD 610,461 wk

      299ft / 91.1m | Neorion Syros Shipyard
      2005 | 2015
      From USD 696,921 wk

      295ft / 89.9m | Corsair Yachts
      From USD 541,784 wk

      294ft / 89.6m | Cassens Werft
      2002 | 2015
      From USD 750,945 wk

      280ft / 85.4m | Derecktor Shipyards
      2010 | 2016
      From USD 945,000 wk

      279ft / 85m | Lurssen
      2013 | 2013
      From USD 1,090,108 wk

      273ft / 83.2m | Feadship
      From USD 1,090,108 wk

      269ft / 82m | Oceanco
      2007 | 2012
      From USD 728,000 wk

      241ft / 73.5m | Nobiskrug
      2008 | 2013
      From USD 490,000 wk

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