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      The Art Of Selling A Yacht

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      If you’re selling a yacht because the time has come for something larger, or simply want to sell your yacht for other reasons, then checking all the necessary boxes will ensure success in the shortest amount of time possible, and for the highest price. Where to begin? You already have – you’re here.

      selling a yacht
      selling a yacht

      Selling A Yacht Requires Research

      Just as you would search for comps and perform due diligence on any valuable asset, selling a yacht is no different and requires extensive market research and analysis. You’ll want to know the yacht’s value, who is in the market to buy, and many more vital elements that go into proper research. The luxury yacht brokers at Merle Wood & Associates have been conducting yacht market research since 1989, and will happily pass their knowledge along to clients who are interested in selling their yacht.

      Qualified Boat & Yacht Brokers

      The experts at Merle Wood & Associates surpass the typical qualifications of boat and yacht brokers. They’ve lived and breathed yachting since a young age, and with experience comes wisdom and insight. With all the luxury yachts for sale on the market today, Merle Wood & Associates is able to gather, filter, and analyze data to equip clients with the most up-to-date information to make informed decisions when it comes to selling a yacht.

      selling a yacht
      selling a yacht

      Boat Shows & Events

      Attending and participating in yachting events and boat shows is a vital component in exposing your yacht to the market. Merle Wood & Associates knows how to maximize that exposure to engage every possible opportunity to capitalize on face-to-face interaction with interested parties. Selling a yacht is an intricate process involving many moving parts, and is best left to these top professionals in the yachting industry.

      Yachts For Sale Online

      Since technology has far surpassed our expectations – and at record speed, at that – it’s important to recognize the digital world as a significant element in selling a yacht. Not everyone can effectively navigate and exploit online exposure, and this is where we come in. The digital gurus at Merle Wood & Associates will ensure that your yacht maintains a strong online presence on the appropriate platforms, maximizing exposure and producing results.

      selling a yacht
      selling a yacht

      Media & Influence

      With strong ties to the yachting media and top industry professionals, Merle Wood & Associates has developed close relationships that are of great importance when wanting to sell a yacht. Knowing the right people in the right locations can make all the difference, saving you time, money and effort.

      International Presence

      As the yachting industry is spread worldwide, the experts at Merle Wood & Associates are globally connected to influential professionals. Traveling the world and meeting with top shipyards, touring private yachts, meeting potential yacht buyers, and connecting all those dots is what they do best. The yachting industry trusts Merle Wood & Associates due to its long-standing reputation, and because the firm has some of the top boat and yacht brokers working in the world today.

      selling a yacht
      selling a yacht

      Bespoke Presentations

      Merle Wood & Associates believes that the initial impression can make or break a sale. It is for this reason that the first exposure to yachts for sale imparts the right perspective. Creating a customized presentation tailored to your yacht and its style is an art, and should not be compromised. Leave it to the experts to identify and uncover the most important aspects of the yacht in the best possible light in order to make a successful sale.

      Offer The Yacht For Charter

      An alternative to selling a yacht would be to offer the yacht for charter. Offsetting some of the maintenance costs of your yacht could be a temporary measure due to the market conditions at the time when you want to sell, or maybe you have decided that you want to use your yacht only once a year. No matter the reason, putting your yacht on the charter market offers a good transition before you make the final decision to sell.

      selling a yacht
      selling a yacht

      Yacht Brokerage Specialists

      The yachting experts at Merle Wood & Associates are well-versed in superyacht sales, marketing, chartering, and industry trends, which makes their clientele the most knowledgeable and prepared yacht owners and charterers in the market today. Many of our yacht specialists are former captains and crew themselves. Because of this, they have access to the most mega yachts, some of which are not publicly for sale or charter – creating an experience uniquely tailored to exceed every expectation.

      Speak To A Yacht Broker

      For more information about selling a yacht or for expert knowledge from a qualified yacht broker, simply contact the luxury yacht brokerage firm of Merle Wood & Associates for assistance.

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