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The Ultimate Embarkation: Custom Yacht Tenders

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Pushing the boundaries of a dinghy, creating custom yacht tenders with a manufacturer/builder and yacht designer can spark new interests and amusement for you and your guests. Custom yacht tenders can be used for a lot more than simply bringing guests to shore and back while at anchor; they can serve as the largest yacht water toys on the ocean.

custom yacht tenders on luxury yachts for sale and luxury yachts for charter
custom yacht tenders for sale showing aussie rules yacht with a sportfishing boat aboard

Yacht Tender Sportfish

Custom yacht tenders vary in size and function, but all can be exciting projects yielding extremely fun results. A custom deep-sea fishing boat can serve as a sportfisher and a tender, if the owner so chooses. Creating a bespoke tender for fishing can facilitate the challenges of the sport when it’s built with the owner’s experience in mind.

Yacht Tenders To Match The Superyacht

Building a completely custom yacht tender to match your superyacht offers guests a sneak peek into what they will soon be boarding and living on for the next week. Choosing details such as materials and colors, a name, and a propulsion system can be a reflection of your idea of an exciting and warm welcome aboard.

custom yacht tenders onboard the yacht seven seas yacht for sale
custom yacht tenders aboard luxury yachts for sale and luxury yachts for charter

Custom Yacht Tender Limo

The most comfortable of custom yacht tenders, the limo, makes a statement to guests that they are arriving in what is your idea of high style. A custom limo tender is ideal for large parties, as most can offer built-in storage under the seats for luggage and other items. A bespoke tender can act as a mini version of the yacht itself, creating its own microcosmic ambience while guests are being ushered to shore and back.

Alternative Yacht Toys

If a customized yacht tender is not an immediate need, perhaps some exciting water toys to enhance the yachting experience will be. Look into the yacht water slide or the inflatable water trampoline, which are both excellent options to create a thrilling experience at sea. For serious underwater fans, a Triton Submarine is the ultimate water toy, bringing you to depths of the ocean where you can discover what life is like below the waterline. Inflatable yacht toys can enrich a luxury yacht and help create a more memorable time on the water for serious water sports enthusiasts.

custom yacht tenders and luxury yachts for sale and find a yacht for charter
Custom yacht tenders on luxury yachts for sale and yachts for charter

Build Your Own Custom Yacht Tenders

The most passionate of yacht owners will tell you that the first impression is key to guests experiencing a successful, fun charter. Creating a custom tender to accompany the mother ship doesn’t have to be an arduous process. When you work with Merle Wood & Associates, we take complication out of the equation, making it easy for yacht owners to sell, charter, or build a yacht.

Speak To A Luxury Yacht Broker

For more information and expert knowledge on custom yacht tenders, from a qualified yacht broker, simply contact the luxury yacht brokerage firm of Merle Wood & Associates for assistance.

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